Economic growth, urbanisation and the increasing ubiquity of new technologies have changed India profoundly over the past two decades. New foreign influences clash and intertwine with Indian traditions and values. At the same time, many features of the ancient culture remain unchanged.

Contemporary Indian artists have had a meteoric rise to international awareness. Although the artists in this exhibition operate in a global art world, their themes are intimately linked with India. Many of them comment on power structures that govern the actions of the individual. Their key themes include the status of women and the life of the weakest members of society or of those who have withdrawn from it altogether. Many artists also address the history of the country, in particular the consequences of the partitioning of India and Pakistan in 1947, which affect people’s lives to this day.

The exhibition is produced in cooperation with Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The exhibition in Helsinki is broader in scope than the one on view in Stockholm.

Curators: Erja Pusa, Sointu Fritze. Helsinki/Helsingfors, Pia Kristoffersson, Margareta Zetterström. Tukholma/StockholmIn cooperation with Hok Elanto and PLAN SUOMI.

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