PEHNO- PUT IT ON! | 2010

FOUNDATION- Thukral and Tagra

The project is part of PUT-IT-ON, an ongoing research project which explores alternate mediums to spread awareness regarding HIV transmission and the AIDS epidemic. It is about identifying the gaps in the current communications surrounding education and prevention and aims to provide solutions where existing media have failed to achieve results. Started in 2005, the project aims to use multiple platforms and media to target diverse sections of the populace. Through the use of visuals and mass-produced commodities, the goal is to infiltrate multiple strata’s of society in which discussions about sex education and health care are fraught with shame, taboos and restrictions.

PEHNO! is the most recent and localized version of this project, going to the heart of the new Indian consumer society and introducing the subject with humour and wit. The plan is to present a spectacular and appealing facade to draw unsuspecting people in to the discussion, reaching those who may consciously avoid the subject. The target audience here is the rapidly developing adolescent and young adult community, which is beginning to become sexually active and may have little or no knowledge about HIV, how it is spread and how it can be prevented. This demographic group, with disposable incomes and access to privacy, may be among those most at risk in India today.

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