The desires, fantasies, hopes and dreams of The Great Indian Middle Class converge into an installation steeped in saccharine sweetness and morbid longing. Thukral & Tagra, living and working in Gurgaon, paint pictures of the garishly inappropriate mini-mansions that pop up like weeds all around them in this precocious satellite city of New Delhi. But these paeans to conspicuous consumption are not rooted in the soils of Mother India. Rather, they float on clouds of limpid pastels, trussed up by gossamer threads and floral tributes, more Heaven than Home, their facades of an ersatz Classicism and unrecognizable references signaling a whole-hearted embrace of a Post-Modern Globalization. T&T wallow in the contradictions, lathering on the Kitsch with a sardonic wink that acknowledges the ancestry of European Surrealism in the construction of the contemporary Indian identity, the vampiric relationship between fashion and prestige which has come to define our domiciles.

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GERMAN RETURNED_2011 from T&T Studio on Vimeo.