PUT IT ON! | 2007

Put it On! is a unique exhibition aimed at arriving at a range of probable solutions for HIV awareness and vigilance through the visual arts. Thukral & Tagra are among a new generation of young Indian artists attempting to present a personal rendition of what is happening in the cities of India today with a particular focus on the global epidemic of AIDS.

The exhibition will include large-scale paintings on canvas and mixed-media installations incorporating custom-designed products such as undergarments and foot wear. The art of Thukral & Tagra often presents a synthesis of the multiple mediums in which they work. The paintings are hung on vinyl wall-papers of their own design and fashion products are presented as store-like displays with messages promoting safe sex practices and with their own hyper-stylized logo incorporated throughout. The entire project has been described by the artists as “an eye opener (which has) taken us to places where things have become transparent, sensitive and responsible.” Despite this socially conscious endeavor by Thukral & Tagra, they acknowledge that their effort is “definitely a mere baby step against the serious problem of HIV and its efforts.”

*Partial proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to various charitable organizations dedicated to combating HIV/AIDS. For more information, please contact Moksha Jain at (212) 989-7074 or

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