Conjecture | 2021

“Conjecture: to believe on uncertain or tentative grounds.”

“Conjecture: to believe on uncertain or tentative grounds”. As a community, we all stand at the juncture of uncertainty trying to find new avenues through comfort and care by providing purpose to ourselves. Our works “Conjecture” are a decade-long investigation into migration, the nature of ephemerality, social reality, and acts of survival.
Expanding on the studio practice through the vocabulary for play, these circumflex table-tennis structures are caught in a fragile act of resilience during times of vulnerability. The surface of the table attempts to support the weight of the limitless cosmos. The only silver lining to the self-drawn borders is living in the moment that forms into new ones.
The viewer’s journey is precarious, as at any moment it threatens to slip or melt between the gaps of time and space. The ideas of aspirations and anxiety propel us to see the plausible future. The spaces between the matter indicate fragmented nature and resultant instability of our morphing reality.
But the questions persist;
What changes did you bring for yourself, your home, your behavior, at work? society at large?

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