The project started in 2011, as a residency at Meissen porcelain manufactury. It was a part of an art campus programme. It is a 300-year-old manufacturing host with more than 7 lac moulds from the 17th century. The project went on for three years and over 50 works were produced. Each piece was fired over 6-7 times at different temperatures. They are all painted on glazed porcelain using a masking technique for the background. The frames used in the Ceramic Triennale were from our works which were traced onto the porcelain piece.
The large body of work had three overlapping narratives. First being ‘Somnium Genero’, the second was ‘Escape’ which is built upon the values and desires of Punjabi community, and third about the flights within. The entire work is conceived on playful manifestations and assumptions using Meissen‘s rich archive. The work tries to bring down the authority of the material to a more approachable popular imagery by illustrating the daily struggles of contemporary. The project attempts to be both eternal and fragmentary in nature.