“CHALO! INDIA: A New Era of Indian Art, explores the present state of Indian contemporary art and the great changes it has gone through in recent years; examining the work of artists who attempt to question the reality of the society and age in which they live by taking subject matters from their everyday surroundings and transforming them through their art into a theatre of life. “Chalo!” means “Let’s go” in Hindi, and this exhibition is an invitation on a journey to encounter the new creativity and energy of Indian contemporary art. It is a visit to “India now” via these works of art, and an exploration of diverse ways of thinking that each visitor may discover for him or herself.”

Akiko Miki

With more than 100 works by 27 artists, this exhibition encourages visitors to discover the great diversity of Indian contemporary art. Chalo! India, is the largest presentation of contemporary Indian art in Austria so far.
Mostly known in Europe for its traditions and spirituality, India is one of the regions in the world that have lived through enormous social changes in recent decades. India’s impressive economic progress has spurred interest in the artistic developments of the country, and Indian artists have attracted heightened attention at the international art market. The show explores the routes chosen by artists from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vadodara and other cities to challenge the reality and age in which they live: the rapid economic development, urbanisation and lifestyles, spirituality, dreams, contrasts and contradictions.

The youngest participants in the exhibition are the artistic collaborators Thukral & Tagra. Their art world reflects the dreams of young people in contemporary India – such as having your own house or emigrating to Europe – and it is hallmarked by the colourful, superficial and kitschy style of their pictures.

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