PLAY PRAY | 2017

Thukral & Tagra explore the idea of ‘play’ from a cultural, strategic, and psychological perspective, with a project called “Play Pray.”

The project is an extension to our project “Games People Play” at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad, Mumbai 2015

The idea of narrating the ten incarnations of vishnu through
the vocabulary of a sport, pushes how we are conditioned to think and how our mind is tuned to thinking of god and prayer in a particular way. The work explores the meditative aspect
of play while simultaneously trying to illustrate mythologies through the terminology of ping pong.

You are a tiny particle, a speck on a journey through this universe. The rooms are the epoch of time. As you prepare
for the journey through the past and present as sequences which you can traverse through. Time travel is not a fantasy, we offer you a capsule to be able to experience it in.

Play Pray from Thukral & Tagra on Vimeo.