Farmer is a Wrestler - Lexicon of Distress | 2021

Farmer is s Wrestler – Lexicon of Distress

“Farmer’s fate: a life that is suspended in limbo”

Farmer is a Wrestler: A Lexicon of Distress, 2021 is a website-specific digital artwork acknowledging the farmers’ movement in India. This 7th iteration of “Farmer is a Wrestler” is not a site of protest, but a safe space to inform and comprehend the situation of Indian farmers who are questioning their rights, existence, and daily survival in a world that is increasingly authoritarian and privatized.

The artist-duo attempts to comprehend the intricate details of the lives, trials, and tribulations of the agricultural community by drawing parallels between a farmer and a wrestler by highlighting this precarious aspect of the farmer’s fate.

A Lexicon of Distress, 2021, Thukral & Tagra have created a digital lexicon of terms that are integral to understanding the characteristics of the Indian farming community. As the viewer scrolls through the lexicon, images, and illustrations depicting the ever-shifting landscape of farming float in the suspended space, creating a tiered, capricious and unstable environment.

The artists’ implicit response to the current socio-political circumstances exhibits a perspective to underline issues that can help raise public awareness through an empathetic approach.

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