Apocalyptron – 1” (from the series The Dawn of Decadence) (2009; resin, iron and decals; 14 feet x 7’ x 4.5’) Select City Walk Mall, Saket

Description– It is a 4.2 meters high sculpture created entirely from cast-resin bottles of various types of products, commonly found in supermarkets around the world. It is modeled after one of the popular Japanese Transformer figures from comics and animated films, specifically the “Gundam” series. Each of these bottles are labeled with the artists’ tongue-in-cheek branding of “Bose-dk” (the transliteration of an Indian abusive term). Apocalyptron imagines a world where consumerism has gone berserk, gargantuan and monstrous, threatening to destroy human civilization. The sculpture both celebrates and critiques the culture of consumerism.

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