(INDIAN HIGHWAY IV: 2ND SEASON / In Continuation from: Indian Highway IV… the highway goes into overdrive…Indian Highway continues its journey across 3 continents: Europe, South America and Asia. Each stage along the Indian Highway is the occasion for a totally new episode with curators, new artists, new spatial configurations, and a special focus on a guest artist..)

The title, Indian Highway, reflects the importance of For the Lyon stage of Indian Highway IV, Thierry between rural and urban communities. Some works refer to “information superhighways,” others express current forms of engagement, often of a political nature, with regard to today’s fast-changing Indian society, with its issues of gender, subordination, religious sectarianism, clan mentalities and, of course, globalisation.


AT the Mac Lyon, the Indian Highway 4 exhibition begins in the museum entrance area and is spread out over the two floors, each measuring 1000 msq

It presented the works of 31 artists. Nine artists were specially selected for Lyon and added to the unchanging core of the exhibition throughout its various stages in order to allow an insight into emerging Indian artistic creation.

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